Generic Pool use only the very latest state-of-the-art high-definition production cameras and equipment. We always use the most suitable equipment for the job, which can vary depending on the clients requirements. The image quality meets broadcast production standards with top quality editing and post-production grading and audio. However, we will not be held responsible if the client is not happy with any part of the final production. Our showreel speaks for itself, so be sure to request a copy on DVD before booking us so you can be assured that our quality is as you would expect.

DVD Compatibility

All of our DVD replication is based on multi-region PAL DVDs (unless otherwise specified by the client) that will play back on any PAL compatible DVD player.They are multi-region, which means they will play back no matter what region the end users DVD player is set to. Please check that this format is okay before ordering dvd replications, as refunds will not be given for incompatibility issues with end users playback equipment.


Before any production begins, we draw up a contract of agreement. This contract will state the price and it will have a breakdown of rates. Payment is made in stages with a 50% deposit being paid in advance of any production work, including planning. The final 50% is paid at the end of the editing stages once the client is happy with the final edit. Once final payment is received a master DVD (or any other format you require) minus any time-code stamp will be handed over to the client.


Generic Pool will not be held liable for any loss (financial or otherwise) to the client of the clients associates during any stage of the production. This includes equipment failure that may result in the days (or even the entire production) filming being cancelled as a result.