Black Island Studios
From a conference room to a professional soundstage
Location studio
Using your own premises or locations

We have access to many professional film and television studios in London, Cambridge and throughout the UK. These range from a basic corporate conference room to a fully kitted out broadcast production studio such as Black Island and Pinewood.

The studios we use offer excellent facilities including sound options, drive-in access, grip, motion control rigs and on-site catering.

Most of the studios have multiple stage configurations for the ideal stage.

Of course, many of our corporate productions are typically filmed at your own premises and locations. We will usually do a recce of your premises and/or other locations for suitability i.e. you are not under a flight path with noisy aeroplanes flying over every ten minutes, or that noisy air conditioning units and the like can be turned off during critical soundtrack recording for the video. Sound is just as important as the images, if not more so. We will also advise you if your premises will lend itself to a nice looking video production.

Quite often with corporate productions where we use your own premises or locations, there is no cost for using our own studios, this keeps the costs to you even lower.

Whether its for film, television, music video, commercial, the experienced and professional studio team help ensure the production goes smoothly by analysing the requirements to identify the perfect studio space and facilities for the production.