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Generic Pool offers numerous video and television production services tailored to meet your production requirements. We can offer a lone Lighting Cameraman or a small crew depending on the requirements of your particular project.

Lighting Cameraman

This would be a member of our professionally trained cameramen armed with high end broadcast HD camera equipment. The cameraman will also bring along a full lighting set up consisting of Dedolights & Starlites in varying sizes and power outputs as both soft and hard light sources. A selection of reflectors, diffusers, skylites, gels, scrims, nets, projection lens with gobos and various other pieces of lighting equipment. The sound equipment consists of Sennheiser lavaliere wireless radio mics, Sennheiser rifle mics, Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser reporters mics, an Earthworks PM40 grand piano mic and a Roland solid-stage uncompressed digital audio recorder. We also have an Auto-Cue prompting system with expreienced operator if required (at extra cost)

Our fees for a Lighting Cameraman complete with HD shooting kit and full lighting rig is 500 UKP per 8-hour day plus expenses i.e. hotel, travel/petrol, food etc. Typically we quote for an entire bespoke job, which usually works out cheaper than the daily rate. A typical corporate production for example would be a bespoke job that could possibly be filmed and edited over several days; in these instances prices are typically lower.

Corporate presentation

A corporate keynote speech or other similar presentation usually only requires a single lighting cameraman with complete shooting kit. In some cases a sound recordist or possibly even an Auto-Cue operator is also required.

Small corporate production crew

If your production requirements are for a corporate, training, promotional, infomercial, instructional or recruitment style dvd, our crew usually consists of 1, 2 or 3 staff: a Lighting Cameraman a Sound Recordist and An Auto-Cue system operator if required. And of course the client's advisor.

Music videos

If your production requirements are for a music video for broadcast MTV style or retail DVD purposes, the crew will usually consist of a Director, Lighting Cameraman, Sound Recordist (if required), Grips (jib/crane/polecam/tracking/steadycam etc) and other possible crewmembers depending on the scale of the production.


See the post-production link for more details of our editing facilities.

Our fees for editing and post work including encoding and DVD authoring are 400 UKP per 8-hour day. As above, prices for a bespoke job that is filmed and edited over several days are typically lower.

DVD replication

We can organize all your dvd replication and duplication requirements from a short run of just 10, to larger runs of 1000 and upwards. Larger runs are replicated from a professional 'glass master', which offers total reliability and compatibility with dvd players all over the world. The glass master method is how every commercially available dvd is manufactured today. We can also have our graphic artist/designer create and design the artwork for the dvd cover and face of the dvd itself if required.

If you have any special production requirements we can usually bespoke something, please get in touch via the contact link at the top of the page.

We can also offer the following in-house services

Multi-camera shoots
3D motion graphics
Interactive DVD menus
Voice-over artist
Narration & Dubbing in foreign languages
Signing for the deaf
Green screen chromakey shooting & editing
Embedded subtitling onto DVD
Vast range of copyright free music
Presentations, interviews and vox pops
Video encoding into various formats
iPad & iPhone video as well as internet-friendly video conversions
Desk Top Publishing using InDesign & Photoshop
DVD cover design & other artwork