XDCAM HD camera
Using state-of-the-art broadcast HD camera equipment
Using state-of-the-art lighting equipment

Generic Pool Productions uses the very latest professional HD full-size broadcast cameras from Sony and Panasonic that assure the very highest picture quality for your production. Our HD cameras are all tapeless solid-state models, which allow us to shoot and edit in a 100% non-destructive way, which keeps the footage pristine from acquisition through to the final DVD master or TV broadcast. Our non-destructive workflow delivers stunning images that are the digital equivalent of a film camera negative.

Why should your production be shot in HD (High Definition) now if you're only producing an SD (Standard Definition) DVD or Video?

The answer to this is quite simple 'Future-proof'. Although most DVD movies people buy today are standard definition, this won't always be the case. HD-Ready TV sets have been around since 2002 and more people are buying them every day. Blu-Ray high-definition players were slow to find their way into the shops during the first quarter of 2007, but by 2011 the majority of the public are watching Blu-ray HD DVD movies on their HD TV sets via Blu-Ray HD players.

By shooting your production in glorious high definition today you will be ready for tomorrow's continuing technology, be it Blu-ray HD or future solid-state card formats.

We shoot and edit natively in HD, and we burn a master HD/Blu-Ray DVD, but we also make a 'down-converted' SD (standard definition) DVD master, which you can use today for DVD replication purposes, but you can also use the HD/Blu-Ray DVD for HD DVD replication purposes also.

Apart from future-proofing your investment, another advantage for shooting in HD today is 'Quality'. A programme shot in HD then down-converted to SD will look better than a production shot in SD from the outset. This is because during the shooting stage we are capturing a lot more information to start with, 1920x1080 pixels to be exact, as opposed to SD, which is a mere 720x576 in comparison.

Our lighting equipment is also the very latest state of the art Dedolight and Kino Flo equipment designed specifically for HD production. This consists of Various Kino Flo soft lights, which produce beautiful light that wraps around the subject. Then we have further Dedolights that are used for fill, back and background lights as well as kicker lights. We also have an arsenal of reflectors, diffusers, skylights, gels, cookies, projection lenses, gobos, flags and other accessories to assure stunning lighting.

Modern high definition productions, be it for corporate or TV broadcast, typically favour soft lighting. High definition soft lighting makes your people and products look stunning. Lighting this way, produces far superior results to standard lighting methods using old-fashioned hard lights such as redheads and blondes. At Generic Pool Productions, we use only the very best high definition lighting equipment.

The rest of our production equipment consists of Vinten tripods, a Glidetrack, Steadicam and Sennheiser radio and standard microphones.

Our postproduction equipment consists of high end Apple Macintosh computers running Avid Media Composer, Avid Protools and Apple's Final Cut Pro Studio suite with Logic Pro 7 along with many other software packages for postproduction work.

Generic Pool Productions equals great images, great sound, great end product!