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Generic Pool Productions have been producing Corporate, Informercials, Training, Educational, SIVs, Music Videos, TV Commercials, Documentary and other Broadcast work since 1999. Founder and director Nigel Cooper comes from a professional stills photographic background where he worked with Hasselblad medium format and Sinar 5x4 and 10x8 large format film cameras. His speciality was advertising photography. He photographed commercial advertisements for companies such as BMW cars, Smirnof vodka, Nike training shoes and National Express coaches to name a few. Having run his own photographic studio in North London during the late 1980's, coupled with his passion for movies, his next natural progression was always going to be film, TV and video production. He studied screenwriting in London, and then received formal training as a Lighting Cameraman.

Director of Photography Nigel Cooper has a passion for the moving image and all things video. He was the founder/editor of UK-based video magazine DVuser for eight years until he sold the magazine in November 2011 (see: www.dvuser.co.uk) where he writes many technical articles, tutorials and reviews relating to video production and television broadcast. He is also a technical advisor for many broadcast video broadcast companies including Sony Broadcast, Panasonic Broadcast and JVC Professional and is often asked by these companies to give talks and lectures in both the UK and Europe.

In the past Generic Pool have produced dvd's on a wide range of subjects including: digital photography, glamour photography, baby care, cake decorating, gliding, home cinema systems, fishing, as well as health & safety videos, informercials, corporate presentations, television programmes and commercials, music promo videos and classical music concerts.

Director, Nigel Cooper, has also personally written, produced and presented various training DVDs on video production and broadcast techniques.

Why are we called Generic Pool?

Here are two of the definitions available.

ge-ner-ic adj = Usable or suitable in a variety of contexts.

pool n = The term Pooling is the grouping together of assets, samples, equipment etc. for the purposes of maximizing advantage to the users e.g. pool together.

But to be honest, the simple answer is that Generic Pool is an anagram of Nigel Cooper, and it sounds pretty cool too.


We believe it is important that the client has an idea of how much your production will cost, so below is an outline of our production charges. However, it is worth noting that most corporate productions are bespoke and we typically quote for an entire job tailored to your requirements. This typically works out cheaper than our standard daily rates. Feel free to call us to discuss your requirements.

Rate Card prices for our daily filming rates

Cameraman with HD camera, lighting & sound kit = 500 UKP

2 Cameraman with HD cameras, lighting & sound kit = 900 UKP

Auto-Cue operator with Auto-Cue system = 350 UKP

Sound Recordist = 350 UKP

Rate Card prices for our daily editing rates

HD edit suite consisting of Avid Media Composer and Apple Final Cut Pro. We also use Protools, Logic Pro & Soundtrack Pro for audio. For animated graphics we use Motion & Photoshop.

All editing & postproduction work = 400 UKP per day.